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Love Mobile Pte Ltd was formed established in May 2006. We have brought along a wealth of experience to the telecommunications industry, including Sales & Marketing, Customer Relations Management (CRM), Distribution and Warehousing cum Operations. Other than selling mobile phones, we also design and provide a complete range of solutions for our customers by effectively utilizing our business tools.

Our services today comes in 2 prongs, i.e. B2B and B2C. For B2B, we provide a one-stop solution of distributing, warehousing and other logistics to local retailers island wide. Product ranges from mobile phones to their related accessories. Love Mobile is M1 Authorised Distributor. We undertake the application and processing of new lines, upgrades, Broadband and other services under M1's business rules. As for B2C, we also do provide a one-stop solution for consumers. Our services include trading in new/used mobile phones, accessories and authorised M1 services. Besides, we also repair and service mobile phones in general.

Unique Selling Point

Our unique selling point is having the ability to provide a complete range of solutions to our customers. We will listen, consult, advise and recommend to a customer the most suited product and ensure they leave a satisfied customer. Our strength today lies in our patient listening skills, excellent product knowledge and a highly regarded service standard. The Company is a firm believer in training and frequently sends our staff to M1, vendors and Government agencies for service standard trainings.

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